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Filing Address: Trumbull County Clerk of Courts
Appellate Division
161 High Street, N.E.
Warren, Ohio   44481  
Phone: (330) 675-2559  
Office Hours: Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


How to File a New Appeal

  • $150.00 Filing Fee or an Affidavit of Indigency
  • Need an original and three (3) copies of the Notice of Appeal, Docketing Statement, Instructions for Service, and Journal Entry being appealed.
  • Need one (1) copy of the Complaint from the lower court case.  

NOTE: The Notice of Appeal must be filed with the Clerk of Courts of the lower court where the judgment originated.  Example: If the judgment entry was from Warren Municipal Court, then you must file your appeal with the Clerk of Warren Municipal Court.

You can get a standardized form for filing a Notice of Appeal and a Docketing Statement and Instructions for Service by clicking on these links or at the Clerk of Courts Office

How to File an Original Action

An original court of appeals action is directly filed with the Clerk of Courts Office.  There is no appealable judgment entry.  

To file an original action complaint you need an original and one (1) copy for each person to be served.  You also need to file three (3) copies for the Court.

How to File a Motion

To file a Court of Appeals motion you need to file an original motion and three (3) copies .

How to File a Brief

To file a Court of Appeals brief you need to file an original brief and four (4) copies.

General Information

Copies are $0.05 per page which must be paid in advance
Only the counsel of record may sign out the transcripts for a court of appeals case and only for a period of fourteen (14) days.  No files are permitted to be signed out.  
The Clerk of Courts Office located in the Trumbull County Court House accepts the filings for appeals cases originating in Trumbull County only.  This includes Trumbull County Common Pleas cases and Trumbull County lower court cases.  Cases originating outside of Trumbull County but are still in the 11th District of the Court of Appeals jurisdiction, must be filed with the Clerk of Courts in the county where they originated.  Example: If a case originated in Ashtabula County, then the Notice of Appeal must be filed in Ashtabula County.  
The counties within the jurisdiction of the 11th District Court of Appeals are as follows:   Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Portage, and Trumbull counties
The address for the main office for the 11th District Court of Appeals is as follows:  
11th District Court of Appeals  
111 High Street, N.E.  
Warren, Ohio   44481
(330) 675-2650