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Mailing Address: Trumbull County Clerk of Courts
Trumbull County Family Court Building
220 Main Street S.W.
Warren, Ohio   44481
Phone: (330) 675-2625
Fax: (330) 675-7907
Office Hours: Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


How to File a Divorce Complaint

$251.00 Filing Fee or an Affidavit of Indigency plus a Financial Affidavit for proof of indigency

Must file an original with an original signature and a copy to serve the defendant

How to File a Dissolution Complaint

$251.00 Filing Fee or an Affidavit of Indigency plus a Financial Affidavit for proof of indigency

Must file an original with an original signature.  There is no service required on dissolutions.

How to File a Domestic Violence Complaint

There is no filing fee

If you feel you have been a victim of domestic violence, you should call Someplace Safe at (330) 393-3003 or come to the Clerk of Courts Office for a packet of information on how to file a domestic violence action to obtain a civil protection order. 

Must file the original packet and a copy to serve.

Post-Decree Motions

There is a $100.00 filing fee to file a post-decree motion (Example:  custody, visitation, support, etc.)

Affidavits of Indigency are not accepted on post-decree motions.

Cross Complaint & Counterclaim

$100.00 Filing Fee

Need enough copies to serve the parties requested in the cross complaint or counterclaim  

Payment of Court Costs

If you have received a cost statement, payment must be made in cash or by a money order made payable to Trumbull County Clerk of Courts.  You can either come to the Clerk of Courts Office to pay or you can mail in the payment (money order only–no cash).   Please make sure you provide the case number for proper payment of the court costs.

Public Terminals

Public computer terminals are available at the Trumbull County Clerk of Courts Office located in the Trumbull County Courthouse, 160 High Street, N.W., Warren, Ohio, and in the Trumbull County Family Court Building , 220 Main Street, S.W., Warren, Ohio.

You can use these public computer terminals to search information about a case filed in the Trumbull County Common Pleas or in the Domestic Relations Division.  You can either search by a name of a party on the case or by the case number.


There is a $0.05 per page fee for a copy of public record.

Copies of Divorce Decrees

If you would like a copy of your divorce decree, there is a $0.05 per page fee, plus $1.00 to certify.  A self-addressed, stamped envelope must also be provided.

Signing Out Files

No files can be signed out.  If there is a need for a copy of a file, copies can be made for $0.05 per page.

No Personal Checks

No personal checks from an individual can be accepted.  Only cash or a money order is accepted.

DOMESTIC COST SCHEDULE - Effective 04/01/2019

Divorce Complaints $251.00
Petitions for Dissolution of Marraige $251.00
Annulment $251.00
Alimony (Only) $251.00
Answers and Counterclaims with Service $100.00  
Answers Only NO CHARGE
Any Post-Divorce Motion
(With or without service of summons)
Praecipe to the Clerk to Issue Rule 58
(Notice by Certified Mail)
Release of Lien $5.00
Certificate of Dissolution or Divorce $2.00
Authentication $5.00
Any Motion for Continuance
(Except for Domestic Violence)
Motion to Reinstate $50.00
Objections (Open or Closed Case) $50.00
Mediation Fees $100.00
Partners in Parenting $20.00
Indigency Fee $25.00
Court of Appeal 11th District Filing $150.00

Agreed Entry
(Not allocated to an open case or without motion pending)


Custody $251.00
Divorce $251.00
Support $251.00
Visitation $251.00