How to File a New Civil Complaint

$653.00 Filing Fee for Civil Foreclosures

$253.00 Filing Fee for all other Civil Complaints or an Affidavit of Indigency

Must caption complaint with the kind of civil action being taken:

Must file an original with an original signature and enough copies to serve all defendants

How to File a Judgment Lien

There are two (2) kinds of judgment liens:

(1) A judgment lien transferred from another court into Trumbull County

(2) A judgment lien from Trumbull County Common Pleas

How to File a Foreign Judgment

How to Release a Judgment Lien

There are two (2) kinds of judgments that are released with the Clerk of Courts Office:

(1) State Lien

(2) Civil Lien

How to Record your Notary

Effective 09/20/2019

See following link for Notary Information:

Payment of Court Costs

If you have received a cost statement, payment must be made in cash or by money order. You can either come to the Clerk of Courts Office to pay or you can mail in the payment (money order or certified check, only). Please make sure you provide the case number for proper payment of the court costs.

Public Terminals

Public computer terminals are available at the Trumbull County Clerk of Courts Offices located in the Trumbull County Courthouse, 161 High Street, N.W., Warren, Ohio and in the Passport Office, 5th floor of the Administration Building, 160 High St, NW, Warren, Ohio.

You can use these public computer terminals to search information about a case filed in the Trumbull County Common Pleas or in the Domestic Relations Division. You can either search by a name of a party on the case or by the case number.


There is a $5.00 fee to have an individual or a business name searched. The information needed by the Clerk of Courts Office is a letter requesting the search which includes the name to be searched, the time period to conduct the search, and the $5.00 fee. Searches are usually requested for a five (5) year period.

NOTE: You can come to the Clerk of Courts Office and search something yourself. There is no fee.


Effective 1/1/2008, there is a $0.05 per page fee for a copy of a public record.

Signing Out Files

No files can be signed out. If there is a need for a copy of a file, copies can be made for $0.05 per page.

Civil Cost Schedule (Effective 04/01/2019)






Professional Tort, Product Liability, Other Torts
Workers Compensation, Administrative Appeal, Other Civil, Replevins


CounterClaim, Amended Complaint, Third-Party Complaint,
Answer and CounterClaim





Cognovit (without precipe)


Cognovit (with precipe)



Certificate Of Judgment  


Judgment Lien (from other Court)


Judgment Lien (from Trumbull County)


For Transfer


Revivor Of Judgment


Satisfaction/Release (full or partial)


Foreign Judgment


State Lien Release







Debtor Exam


Writ of Possession


Garnishment (personal earnings)


Garnishment (other than personal earnings)


Appeal of Arbitration


Civil or Criminal Search


Copies (each page)


Certification of Copy


Exemplified Copy


Court of Appeals


Witness Fees (whole days + $.67/mile)


Witness Fees (half days + $.67/mile)


Motion for Expungement








Passport Fee to Clerk


Passport Fee to U.S. DEPT OF STATE


Passport Fee to U.S. DEPT OF STATE **fifteen years of age and under**


Passport Card (16 and over) TO U.S. DEPT OF STATE**


Passport Card (15 and under) TO U.S. DEPT OF STATE**


**Additional Fee to Expedite Passport $60.00 per person



Mailing Address:

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts
Civil Division
161 High Street N.W.
Warren, Ohio 44481


(330) 675-2557

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m