Regarding the Issuance of:

Automobile & Watercraft 
Certificates Of Title

Karen Infante Allen

Clerk of Courts
Trumbull County

Barbara J Vingle

Title Supervisor
(330) 675-3050

Title Department
Administration Building 1st Floor
160 High Street
Warren, Ohio 44481

Office Hours
Monday - Friday.....8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Titles processed until 4:15 p.m.

Phone: (330) 675-2407

The principal duty of the Clerk of Courts Title Department is to issue titles for motor vehicles and watercraft. Additional responsibilities include issuing copies of titles, duplicates, notations of liens on vehicles/watercraft, collecting the associated sales tax on transactions and remitting the monies to the State of Ohio.

As an added convenience, Limited Authority Deputy Registrar (LADR) services associated with title transactions are provided. As a LADR, this office can issue 45-Day Temporary Tags, transfer license plates, and issue license plates (paper given until metal plates mailed to the residence address) if a title transaction is being performed on the same day.

This office can also perform an Out of State Inspection for a cost of $5.00. There are two (2) spots located directly in front of the Administration Building where the Out of State Inspections are performed.